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Welcome to's exercise library. The illustrated library is split into three major sections: exercises, stretches, & workout plans.

Each workout plan is designed to meet a specific goal... like fat-burning. If you're bored with your current exercise regime -- or you haven't seen the results you're after -- download one of our free pdf workout plans.

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Illustrated Stretching Links

(Stretching pages contain photo-descriptions, safety tips & more!)

Learn how to target and protect every major muscle group in your body. Limber up with free photo-packed pdf stretching downloads featured in our "Best Stretching Routines" article), or create a routine of your own using the links below:

Fool-Proof Workout Plans
& Full-Body Stretching Routines

(Free, Photo-Packed pdf Downloads!)

Clicking on the links below will direct you to the articles containing the free pdf downloads. Each article highlights current exercise research & serves as the foundation for that particular program design.

Get informed; Apply what you've learned;
Experience the transformation.

     Abs 'N Core
    Fat Burning

"Best Ab Workout"
Series 1 & 2

New Advanced
Ab Workout!

Fat Burning

Workout Routine
for Women!"

 Full-Body Stretches

Stretch every major muscle group in your body!

Stretching Routines"
(6 & 12 Minute)

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